SHARK-1 – Mini LED reflector

As regards its performance and size, it is one of the smallest reflectors among the LED reflectors manufactured by MEZEI-VILL LIGHTING. Due to its compatibility, it can perform several lighting tasks whether indoors or outdoors.

SHARK-1 – Mini LED reflector

Scope of application

The SHARK-1 – MINI LED REFLECTOR may be perfectly applied in any segment of space, building and decorative lighting. It offers an appropriate solution for any space lighting, building lighting and decorative lighting situation both indoors and outdoors.

Product features

  • aluminium casting housing with special heat transfer painting
  • optimal heat sink
  • a life expectancy of over 50 000 h
  • continuous pressure compensation
  • heavy-duty CREE LED
  • special lenses
  • UV-stabilized PC cover
  • the most modern electronics
  • intelligent lighting control and remote control
  • eye-friendly light
  • Colour temperature 4000 K


  • DIM technology: In case of luminaires equipped with dimmable control units, the annual power consumption varies according to the user’s needs.
  • ECO - after 4.5 hours following its turning on, it limits the luminous flux to 50%
  • Optional colour temperatures from 2600K to 6000 K


The luminaire may be fastened on any console and surface due to its design with bracket. It may be ordered with an attached driver or a driver delivered separately.


The SHARK luminaires do not require regular maintenance.

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shark 1 plan

S21... Shark-1 16/21 W 2 700 lm 3 000 - 6 000 K 4 kg
S21... Shark-1 32/42 W 5 200 lm 3 000 - 6 000 K 4 kg
S21... Shark-1 24/32 W 4 300 lm 3 000 - 6 000 K 4 kg
S21... Shark-1 48/63 W 8 000 lm 3 000 - 6 000 K 4 kg

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