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The MEZEI-VILL. Kft. started as a family business at the turn of the Millennium. It was founded in order to implement the long-term strategy based on the opportunities offered by the domestic and global economic processes as well as based on its individual capabilities. The company has grown bigger and bigger in the electrical industry due to its continuously expanding activities and resources.

For several decades, the company has been installing medium and low voltage equipment, power transmission systems and transformer stations, modernizing the street lighting system of settlements as well as carrying out their inspection regarding safety against electric shock, fire and lightning, their standardization inspection and photometric revision, it has been installing electrical safety systems, manufacturing control cabinets, and executing electrical and technical projects of residential, public and industrial buildings. It is also specialized in designing and installing professional lighting.

In the past few years, the company has focused on the development and production of LED technology street lighting luminaires and this activity provides a full range of services for the customers. As regards street lighting, it performs comprehensive work – from manufacturing special luminaires, through their installation to their maintenance.

cegunk 01Factory building of Mezei-Vill. Kft. - Berettyóújfalu

Company philosophy

Since its foundation, MEZEI-VILL. has had the philosophy to improve continuously and to be a long-term sustainable, recognized, reliable and competitive participant of the domestic and international electrical and lighting technology industry.

Company profile

Mezei-Vill Villamosipari Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Kft. was founded in Berettyóújfalú in 2000, its predecessor was the managing director and owner’s private enterprise. The managing director started his private enterprise in the electrical industry in 1987 in order to develop professionally and financially. The initial successes were repeated year by year, so the continuously increasing number of orders required more and more employees and resulted in the growth of income. Finally, the private enterprise was transformed into an LLC. This development is also reflected in the customer base, as the initially small scope of municipal and residential customers was continuously expanding. At first, orders were placed only within the region, then the company became well-known for its activities in the county and soon also in the country. The company’s customer base is mainly made up of municipalities, public institutions and big companies. Among them, the most significant ones are some well capitalized companies with higher volume of orders such as Richter, TEVA, Alterra, RR Donelley, Shell, LukOil, Tesco. The company became the stable contractor of several large companies like EON, FAG.

cegunk 02Mezei-Vill Kft. Customer Service – Berettyóújfalu

In addition to the electrical services, the company started to modernize street lighting systems. It won the modernization and maintenance project of the neighbouring towns, once it became clear that the domestic street lighting technology has become outdated, needs a lot of maintenance and it is also expensive as regards the energy consumption. The company decided to start new developments on the basis of its professional experience of several decades. In 2009 it started developing a new modern, energy-efficient luminaire suitable for street lighting and supported by high technology in collaboration with technical experts and designers.

The first phase of the development was closed in 2011, as a result of which the luminaire range STRIKE was developed. It was developed and manufactured in Hungary, which is amazing. This range of luminaires soon got the best qualifications. The street lighting luminaires created as a result of the product development comply with the EU standards and they have passed even the strictest TÜV tests. The range of luminaires developed by the company is intended for street lighting and may be used all over the world. The list of products is varied, including everything from simple back-street luminaires to motorway and highway illumination. Its product range also includes products suitable for the accent and decorative lighting of public and private areas as well as parks.

 cegunk 03STRIKE 2 – street lighting luminaire

After developing the manufacturing process and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, the production hall of the company was built in 2013. The dynamic market growth was accompanied by the increase of orders. More and more customers became interested in luminaires with a unique design. Now the company has started to develop significantly and extended its operations into the Central Eastern European markets. The plant has been operating continuously, the number of new orders has been growing. Expanding capacities and extending the product structure into several directions are included in the company’s vision for the future.

Quality management

The company keeps a watchful eye on its quality policy. The company considers it important to provide complete solutions to the technical problems and the needs of its partners. Its customer- and quality-oriented business policy is evidenced by the existence of ISO 9001 quality assurance system and ISO 14001 environment management system as well as the existence of BS OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management systems. The certification of luminaires is carried out in laboratories accredited by TÜV. The STRIKE luminaires as well as the manufacturing process have been certified by ENEC.


The company’s mission is to make the world a better place by means of its activities. Whether by offering jobs or by manufacturing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products, the company wishes to ensure that life on Earth is sustained for future generations.

In the field of electrical industry, the company aims – among others – to remain a stable participant of the development programs of industrial consumers, large companies and electricity providers.

In line with the world’s energy source shifting process towards renewable energy sources, another long-term objective of the management is to actively participate and get involved in the energy-efficient sector of the lighting industry. A basic objective related to manufacturing is to increase the number of new orders as well as to penetrate the market in the field of LED lighting. In addition to this, it is important to increase the market presence of our range of products in foreign countries and then to become international.

The company’s strategic goal is to remain competitive in the domestic and foreign markets thanks to the company’s reliable operations, quality work, excellent expertise and unique technology.

mvl : “The revolution of light, the reason why it is worth living and working.”

cegunk 04Hosszúpályi, Hungary – STRIKE 4 street lighting luminaire

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