Modernising street lighting

Our company has been operating in the street lighting sector and dealing with the street lighting modernization of settlements for 15 years. We have changed the compact sodium luminaires in more than 15 settlements in Hungary. At present we are operating about 25,000-30,000 street lighting luminaires and we are responsible for their maintenance.

Our company underwent some reforms in 2012. We are engaged in LED technology street lighting modernization exclusively using the range of luminaires developed and manufactured by us in Hungary. With help of this technology we can achieve much better illumination with higher energy savings, low maintenance need and a long guarantee period.

As a general contractor we contract to carry out the street lighting modernization of municipalities – from planning through manufacturing to operating.

In Central Europe, we have managed to make developments in more than sixty settlements, mainly in ESCO financing model. The construction is called ESCO financing, within the frameworks of which the construction company pre-finances the complete project and its costs are paid back from the energy savings arising with municipalities as a result of the modernization.

You can see our energy-saving street lighting reference works under the menu item REFERENCES.

Our implemented street lighting projects

Settlements in Hungary
  • Bihartorda
  • Nagyrábé
  • Bocskaikert
  • Salgótarján
  • Egyek
  • Tiszacsege
  • Kaba
  • Balmazújváros
  • Füzesgyarmat
  • Biri
  • Nyírábrány
  • Váncsod
  • Geszteréd


Settlements in Ukraine
  • Komszomolszk
  • Munkács
Settlements in Romania
  • Sofronea
  • Cermei
  • Archis
  • Chislaz
  • Capalnita
  • Micfalau
  • Tamaseu
  • Simonesti
  • Ghindari
  • Batani
  • Lueta
  • Ulies
  • Brates
  • Bretcu
  • Martinis
  • Salatig
  • Tudnad
  • Zagon
Settlements in Croatia
  • Tinjan
  • Visinada
  • Vrbovsko
  • Sveti Petar
  • Nerezisca
  • Motovun
  • Lokvicici
  • Tucepi
  • Zmijavci
  • Marcana
  • Klis I.
  • Klis II.
  • Vodnjan
  • Zminj
  • Belisce
  • Zdenci
  • Cacinci

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