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The park lighting equipped with LED technology may be perfectly used for the illumination of public spaces, parks, promenades, gardens and parking spaces. Their design makes it possible to use them in modern surroundings or in places surrounded by historic buildings. Our products suitable for park lighting are TRIANGLE, QUATRO, STAR and VELUM.

STAR – The star of parks


The STAR park lighting luminaires are definitely the successors of STRIKE design. This medium-duty park lighting with its unique style and simple shape fits into any environment.

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TRIANGLE / QUATRO – Soul-satisfying


Medium-duty road and park lighting, which was inspired by the design of STRIKE lamps. They are named after the special nature of the light emitted by LED.

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VELUM – Pride


Medium-duty park lighting developed with a great deal of expertise and care, it may be used in modern environment or places surrounded by historic buildings due to its unique design.

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SOLAR – For the protection of the earth


The luminaire using solar energy was created on the basis of the „2 in 1” principle, so it is doubly energy-efficient. From the combination of LED and solar energy a sensational solution was born. It is the SOLAR.

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