Other activities


Cable television and internet services

In order to be multifaceted, the company has installed and has been operating a cable television network in several settlements of the underprivileged Bihar region in addition to the electrical services. The electronic communications services have been a branch of the enterprise since 2004. It is an electronic communications service provider providing wired broadcast signal distribution registered by the National Communications Authority (Nemzeti Hírközlési Hatóság).

This service was first started in Komádi. Then, in 2005, it was realized in Körösszegapáti, Zsáka, Furta and Váncsod. In 2006, this network was installed also in Bihartorda, Zsadány and Biharnagybajom. In these areas, the company is the owner and the operator of the cable television network.

The installation of the cable television network served as a good base for providing internet service. The broadband internet service was first installed and operated in Berettyóújfalu. In Biharnagybajom, the internet network – partially financed by tenders – was also installed in addition to the installation of cable TV network. In 2007 the cable television and internet system was installed and operated in Pocsaj, Esztár, Nagykereki, Kismarja, where the company is the owner and operator at the same time. In Bedő and Bojt, the internet network has been installed. In 2009, the company took over the cable TV and internet service of Biharkeresztes, which has been operated by the company since then.


General construction

The company has many years of experience in the construction industry due to its general construction activities. In 2009 and 2010 a significant share of its revenue was generated by this sector. The company is currently undertaking the general construction of public institutions, buildings, sports facilities, condominiums, detached houses, from the foundation to the ready building.

Our general construction reference works

  • General construction of the main square in Berettyóújfalu
  • Reconstruction-expansion of the Bihari Termálliget in Berettyóújfalu
  • General construction of Rákóczi Ferenc II. Primary School
  • General construction of Hunyadi Mátyás Primary School in Berettyóújfalu
  • General construction of the main square in Komádi
  • General construction of the Kindergarten Day Nursery in Komádi
  • General construction of the hard shoulder in Komádi
  • General construction works of the cycle lane in Komádi
  • Construction works of the market-place in Komádi
  • Municipality of Hosszúpályi, small-scale local developments (road construction, pavement construction)
  • Renovation of the village centre of Pocsaj (road construction, construction of parking spaces, park construction, installation of spatial lighting)
  • Construction of a LED luminaire production plant of 3500 square metres
  • Construction of the Pálfi István Event Hall



Construction of artificial grass grounds

The company undertakes to plan and construct artificial grass grounds. The company employs professionals especially trained for this activity and has the appropriate tools for the work.

Significant artificial grass ground constructions:

  • Berettyóújfalu - Morotva Liget
  • Vámospércs
  • Szentpéterszeg


Construction of ice-rinks

The company is also engaged in the installation and operation of ice-rinks.

Within its frameworks, the company built the ice-rink in Morotva Liget, Berettyóújfalu, which is owned by the company.

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