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The accent lighting developed with LED technology is intended for the illumination of various buildings as well as historic monuments. This product range includes the HOOD, HOOD MINI and HOOD MICRO light duty and medium duty circularly symmetric reflectors.

HOOD – The diligence


The HOOD accent and decorative lighting performs its tasks diligently and conscientiously. Different colours may be added to the lamps, with help of which we can create a cosy decoration for buildings and historic monuments.

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HOOD MINI – The diligence


The HOOD MINI is a member of the HOOD product range. It performs its lighting tasks excellently like its big brother.

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HOOD MICRO – The diligence


The smallest member of the HOOD MICRO product range - a light duty circularly symmetric reflector consisting of 7 LEDs - but it does not decrease its power. It is also suitable for accent and decorative lighting.

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