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The SHARK heavy-duty reflector developed in 2015 is a real individuality among the products. Its appearance suggests strength such as the light radiated by it.


Scope of application

The Shark is a reflector suitable for asymmetric sports lighting. It may be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it may be used for the illumination of smaller sports halls and outdoors for the illumination of sports grounds, tennis courts, futsal grounds and ice-rinks etc.

The product is also suitable for other tasks as it has been designed with a range of lenses, which allow for illuminating projecting roofs – with symmetrical lighting optics – illuminating halls – with rotationally symmetrical optics – illuminating high framing warehouses and airsheds – with specific narrow beam optics – and in addition to this it is also suitable for various public lighting tasks with its 6-8 street lighting optics.

Product features

  • heavy-duty reflector
  • aluminium casting housing
  • optimal heat sink
  • special heat transfer painting
  • a life expectancy of over 50 000 h
  • 4000 K colour temperature


  • DIM technology: In case of luminaires equipped with dimmable control units, the annual power consumption varies according to the user’s needs.
  • Colour temperature to be chosen from 3000K to 5700 K


The luminaire may be fastened with a special bracket.


The luminaires have low maintenance need, so regular and special maintenance is not required.

shark plan

092501x0 Shark-3 262 W 27865 lm 4000 K 20 kg
093301x0 Shark-4 360 W 39958 lm 4000 K 22 kg
094201x0 Shark-5 438 W 48342 lm 4000 K 22 kg
095001x0 Shark-6 528 W 56075 lm 4000 K 22 kg

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