SOLAR – For the protection of the earth

The luminaire using solar energy was created on the basis of the „2 in 1” principle, so it is doubly energy-efficient. From the combination of LED and solar energy a sensational solution was born. It is the SOLAR.


Scope of application

It is perfectly suitable for the illumination of low-end public roads, cycle lanes, parking spaces.

Product features


  • aluminium casting housing
  • optimal heat sink
  • continuous pressure compensation
  • special heat transfer painting
  • unique optics
  • UV-stabilized PC cover
  • a life expectancy of over 50 000 h
  • Colour temperature 4000 K
  • Option: optional colour temperatures from 2700K to 6000 K

Solar panels

  • renewable energy source
  • monocrystalline solar panels
  • gel solar battery
  • no regulatory approval needed
  • no power supply needed
  • it may be installed anywhere
  • no cable-laying needed
  • automatic operation
  • minimum light pollution
  • No UV radiation
  • light point height: 5 - 7 m


The SOLAR luminaire may be installed on the top of a 42-60 mm pole


The luminaires do not require regular maintenance. The cover as well as the solar panels are recommended to be cleaned once a year.

0002SLx0 Solar 8/12 W 1 458 lm 4000 K  
0003SLx0 Solar 12/16 W 2 226 lm 4000 K  
0004SLx0 Solar 16/20,5 W 2 680 lm 4000 K  

x: 1 - EVG, 2 – ECO EVG, 3 – DIM EVG

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