VELUM – Pride

Medium-duty park lighting developed with a great deal of expertise and care, it may be used in modern environment or places surrounded by historic buildings due to its unique design.


Scope of application

Medium-duty park and road lighting suitable for the illumination of smaller roads, public spaces, parks as well as gardens.

Product features

  • aluminium casting housing
  • optimal heat sink
  • continuous pressure compensation
  • special heat transfer painting
  • unique optics
  • UV-stabilized PC cover
  • the most modern electronics
  • intelligent lighting control and remote control


  • DIM technology: In case of luminaires equipped with dimmable control units, the annual power consumption varies according to the user’s needs.
  • ECO – after 4.5 hours following its turning on, it limits the luminous flux to 50%
  • Optional colour temperatures from 2700K to 6000 K


It can be installed on the top of 42-72 mm poles or on a specifically manufactured lamp stand, which can be ordered as an option.


It has low maintenance need. It is recommended to clean the cover once a year.

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velum plan


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