HOOD MICRO – The diligence

The smallest member of the HOOD MICRO product range - a light duty circularly symmetric reflector consisting of 7 LEDs - but it does not decrease its power. It is also suitable for accent and decorative lighting.


Scope of application

  • facade lighting
  • accent lighting
  • decorative lighting
  • illumination of fountains
  • illumination of caves

Product features

  • circularly symmetric reflectors
  • aluminium casting housing
  • optimal heat sink
  • special heat transfer painting
  • a life expectancy of over 50 000 h
  • 5 mm thick safety glass
  • modern electronics, control and remote control
  • 4000 K colour temperature


  • DIM technology: In case of luminaires equipped with dimmable control units, the annual power consumption varies according to the user’s needs.
  • lenses with different radiation angle
  • Different colours may be chosen
  • Optional colour temperatures from 2700K to 6000 K


The luminaire may be fastened with a special bracket.


The luminaires have low maintenance need, so regular and special maintenance is not required.

hood mini plan

06071x0 Hood micro 7 W / 9 W 850 lm 4000 K 0,23 kg

x: 1 - EVG, 3 – DIM EVG

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